Wookiee Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook

Posted: April 03, 2014
Wookiee Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook
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All I have to say is Wookiee Cookies better just be a treat Wookiees love and not a treat Wookiees are...you know...baked into. I don't need Chewie ginger snaps describing anything but the texture of my favorite after-work snack.

Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Snacks merges Star Wars with the culinary world...or at least the world of indulgence and delicious junk food...with recipes such as Boba Fett-ucine, Han-Burgers, Death Star Popcorn Balls, and Yoda Soda. Like the DC Comics Super Hero Cookbook, all Wookiee Cookies really does is take basic recipes and give them punny names or kitschy presentations, but hey, kids aren't scrutinizing enough to figure that out, and the rest of us are probably willing to overlook the discrepancy because: TUSKEN RAIDER TATERS! ICE CREAM CLONES! JABBA JIGGLE!

Also, each of the Wookiee Cookies cookbook's 29 recipes includes full-color photos. Awesome ones of Star Wars action figures posing with their eponymous dish. Intro pages cover safety tips for cooking on Earth and a list of tools Rebels will need to fight their hangry Dark Sides.

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