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By: on January 28, 2014
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To all the girls compiling notes on what kind of cookies to bake me for Valentine's Day, let me make this easy: iced sugar or gingerbread even though it's not Christmas anymore in the shape of one of the following Cookie Prints:

  • Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. While I don't think I can eat the face of Walter White, I will place these cookies in some sort of clear cake dome and save them forever. Or until they get moldy and start attracting ants. Bonus points if you deliver them in a Hyperflesh Walter mask.
  • The Ghostbusters logo. I'll eat half of these cookies myself. The other half I'll carry around my office building, and when I hear someone complain of hunger I'll whisper, Who you gonna call?! and slip them a cookie. Don't worry, I'll only pass them on to other girls if they are hotter than you are.
  • Optimus Prime, because he looks extremely intricate and when you spend hours meticulously frosting a dozen of him in appropriate Transformers primary colors plus black and silver, I will acknowledge how much you care before taking 2 bites of one and throwing the rest away because they're too damn sweet.

Cookie Prints cutters are made of biodegradable PLA plastic and come fashioned after dozens and dozens of different beloved characters and pop culture references. These include Mario, Legend of Zelda, Batman, Superman, Pokemon, Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, Star Trek, Starbucks, Santy Claus, Garfield, South Park, Minecraft...you get the point.

In addition to carving out cookie dough, the cutters also make fine imprints in homemade bread, cheese, soft fruit, and every kid's favorite snack, Play-Doh.

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3D Chocolate T-Rex Mold

$19.99 from Amazon »

The 3D Chocolate T-Rex Mold brings together 4 fun activities, at least one of which everyone in the family's gonna enjoy: baking; building; dinosaur action figure playtime; and sending large quantities of chocolate straight...

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Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Sold Out from Amazon »

I'm not showing you Cusinart's AirFryer Toaster Oven because it's one of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2017...or because I spent any time at all browsing Oprah's Favorite Things for 2017. I'm showing it to you because it...

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F-Cup Cookies

F-Cup Cookies sound like they would be a joke, and they probably are, but for all women with concave chesticular regions and, more importantly, for all the men who have to fondle them, I sure as 2 seconds of motorboating...

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Laser Engraved Cat Rolling Pin

$23.99 from Amazon »

Meow-meow, meow-meow, meow-meow, meow-...chomp! Mmmm, nothing like a buttery bite of shortbread kitteh! You might say this laser engraved cat rolling pin is for cat people. Or, you could make an argument that it's for...

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Dunking Buddy Mess-Free Cookie Dunker

$9.15 from Amazon »

That's Dunking Buddy, not Drunking Buddy, Cornelius. Don't worry, I'm not replacing you. In fact, you could say that I'm making our Scotch Sundays, Tequila Tuesdays, Whiskey Wednesdays even better. This cup and magnetic...

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Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan

$49.95 from Amazon »

Skull "cakelets." Spooky, sinister, and...adorable. Bring on the devil's food, 'cause you're haunting me with your cuteness, little skulls....

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The Whisk Wiper

$23.99 from Amazon »

What is this whiskcraft I see before me? You mean worming my tongue between the wire loops and getting chocolate cake batter all over my face isn't the best way to clean off the whisk when my girlfriend is baking? Nah....

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Milk & Cookie Shot Maker

$24.95 from Amazon »

Milk & cookies. & liquid chocolate. & shots. Maybe I'll make it through this year after all. Wait, what? I have to make it all myself? With molds and melters and ingredients from the store? Come on! I thought I could...

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Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

$10 from OK Cookie Co. »

I like the fortunes that say things like, "Soon you will be sitting on top of the world," and "May you grow rich," followed by a series of lucky numbers that happen to coincide with those drawn during this week's Power...

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Chinese Takeout Box Cookie Jar

$30.12 from Amazon »

The contents of this Chinese takeout box could be way, way better than day-old Kung Pao Chicken. They could be big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies. Or peanut butter blossom cookies. Or triple devil's food caramel swirl...

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Milk & Cookies Shots

Now that the Cookie Monster has had his fling with Siri, maybe he can engage the services of Alexa to order him a dozen...or 8 dozen...of Dirty Cookie's Milk & Cookie Shots. I can't wait to see what he gets up to while...

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Naughty Cookie Cutters

$29.49 from Firebox.com »

These are disgusting. A perversion of gingerbread men, and a perversion of the spirit of Christmas!...