Walter White Hyperflesh Mask

Posted: September 25, 2013
Walter White Mask
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Worn, signed, and sweated upon by Bryan Cranston himself. Also mingled in: the DNA of Jimmy Fallon and Common, whom the Breaking Bad star let take a turn in this Landon Meier Hyperflesh Walter White mask at Comic-Con 2013.

Cranston first showed up wearing the mask "incognito", and while the masses never suspected Heisenberg was Heisenberg, I'm sure he still got a ton of double takes and high-fives, given how realistic Meier's handmade Hyperflesh creations are. Each takes months to mold, chisel, and realize in an expression that captures the spirit of the TV icons--or, as we showed you previously, giant, demonic babies--they represent.

Cranston ultimately removed his disguise onstage, and then, along with Aaron Paul, made out with his silicone self. Bravo to all involved with this disembodied head high jinks.

And bravo to Meier, who is now auctioning off the Walter White mask on Ebay. At printing it had achieved a high bid of $22,100. With over 5 days to go, that puts it well on its way to trumping the analogously nifty scale-mail guinea pig armor, which topped out at $24,300.

Officially the Heisenberg Mask #2, Walter White's lookalike shell is made of ultra-durable Dragon Skin platinum silicone. All hair was hand-punched. Meier has signed the mask along with Cranston.

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