Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Posted: December 09, 2015
Betty Crocker Pizza Maker
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Pizza stones are so heavy. And preheating the oven takes so long. And not burning myself when I try to Operation out my piping hot pie a little too zealously is nearly impossible. Sure, I don't really need a whole separate apparatus just for cooking my frozen pizzas and reheating my leftover slices, but I do think my middle class life and middle class problems would be way better with some Betty Crocker Pizza Maker in it.

The 12" Pizza Maker can bake dough deliciousness to perfect crispness from fresh or frozen. When it's not a pizza night (or morning), the mini oven's nonstick bake plates can also dish out quesadillas, croissants, quiche, mini frittatas, hors d'oeuvres, giant cookies, and--check it out in the image gallery--cinnamon rolls. Betty Crocker says she made this Pizza Maker energy efficient, easy to clean, and a top choice for anyone hosting a party, regularly pressed for time, or living in a dorm room.

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