Wall-Mounted Standing Desk

By: on August 19, 2014

They say sitting is the new smoking. Matt Gereghty, for one, agrees. And when the occupational therapist and self-proclaimed ergonomics preacher created this Wall-Mounted Standing Desk he distinguished himself from most people on Earth by making an effort to address his gripe, and fix what he perceives as a rising health problem instead of just...sitting around and griping about it. Now I am loath to do anything out of a horizontal, or at least significantly reclined position (think Emperor work station), but even I have to admit Gereghty's renouncement of the chair is a highly creative solution and swell sight to behold.

The Wall-Mounted Standing Desk deserves props first for its minimalism and conservation of space. You got a wall? You got 15-1/2" of clearance from it? Then you've got a desk that won't degrade your joints and anatomical structure every minute you're using it. On top of its efficient construction, Gereghty also designed his desk for maximal height adjustability--you can both mount it at your preferred wall positioning and move its lower desktop up and down the notches of its supporting spine. Yes, spine. Clever, huh? And a nice reminder of what you'll be helping to protect every time you use the Standing Desk.

With its spine anchored to the wall, the desk's upper platform can hold a laptop or tablet at eye height while the larger, lower desktop supports at arm height a keyboard, mouse, and one or two additional work supplies. Both desktops are removable when not in use.

Wall-Mounted Standing Desk spines measures 24" long x 3" tall x 2-1/4" deep. Lower desktops are 23-1/2" wide x 15-1/2" deep, and upper desktops 11-1/2" wide x 15-1/2" deep. Drywall anchors and wood screws for mounting are both included in purchases.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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