Turbo XL700 Triple Recliner

Posted: March 19, 2019
Turbo XL700 Triple Recliner
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Where a triple bunk bed may look all crowded and unpleasant and Brady Bunch, a triple recliner? Now that's some cushy, butt-inviting Silver Spoons furniture right there. The Octane Seating Turbo XL700 Triple Recliner is about to make Netflix & Chill take a back seat rickety, uncomfortable couch to Netflix & Chillax. Netflix & Snooze. Netflix & Comatose.

Some might call it home theater seating, but I think the Turbo XL700 would fit in just as well in front of a regular old HDTV, or anywhere you might put couch that would technically fit 3 people, but wouldn't do so as comfortably as a triple recliner with power leg rest and recline controllers. I mean, 3 people on my couch means 3 people sitting bolt upright and turning awkwardly to talk to one another. Well, either that or 1 person sitting bolt upright (me) and 1 person spread out in extreme horizontal comfort with her feet propped in my lap (my wife).

Additional Turbo XL700 features include extra thick bonded leather upholstery, tall articulated headrests for neck comfort, a blue ambient LED lighting system along the cup holders and baserail, and storage in the armrests.

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