Triple Bunk Bed

Posted: March 12, 2019
Triple Bunk Bed
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Now that's an interesting twist on the threesome. I have never seen a triple bunk bed before Dorel Living's Sierra model. Have you? Is this a thing I missed out on refusing to leave my Nintendo behind for summer camp, and telling the administration I had a medically documented social anxiety disorder so I could get a single room in the dorms at college?


The Sierra Triple Bunk Bed was designed with large families in mind. Large families who aren't afraid of heights or low overhead clearances. The solid wood installation's total height is 77.13", or 6.4' (note that 8' is the most common ceiling height in homes built before 1995, 9' for those built after) and each level can support up to 165 pounds.

The beds can also be separated into 3 twins and set up on the floor.

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