The Hanging Bed

By: on October 12, 2012
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  • The Hanging Bed
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I'm not easily impressed--well, unless a double muscled Belgian blue bull is involved--but the first words that come to mind as I check out Ben Riddering's Hanging Beds are "whoa," "dude," and "impressive." I especially like the accompanying barn/rollin' in the hay imagery. Nicely done, sir, nicely done.

Riddering custom makes to order all of his hanging beds from reclaimed douglas fir, and suspends them with 1" manila ropes woven through handmade steel brackets. Platforms weigh around 200 pounds, and should be installed by, ahem, a licensed contractor. That means someone who understands that the load-bearing capacity of 1/2" gypsum board probably is not enough to withstand what will likely be upwards of 600 pounds of downward force. Which means someone who is not me.

Visit Riddering's Website to read more about proper Hanging Bed installation, check out additional photos, and drool over his other feats of Jesus-caliber carpentry.

If you like hanging on beds, how about rocking in them? Or swinging at the dinner table?