Swing Table

Posted: September 12, 2012
Swing Table
$7,700 - $14,600
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Sneaky employers. They'll try anything to make us think board meetings are fun. At least maybe with a Swing Table I could do a few passes and then feign motion sickness for an excuse to leave. Designer Duffy London mentions their reimagined piece of the playground also makes for a whimsical dinner table. Yeah right. Like it isn't hard enough for me to transport food from my plate to my mouth when stationary. I'm loath even to consider what adding a perpetual sway to the mix would do to my hand-eye coordination.

Of course, maybe some of you more successful-business-minded and athletic types out there with $11,000 in your Titanic Piggy Banks would dig a Swing Table for your merger negotiations or spaghetti nights. If so, it seats eight in chairs dangling from the table's four-poster structure, sports a central GEO lampshade, and comes in a choice of white, black, or red. Materials are walnut and powder coated mild steel.

Duffy London also points out that the Swing Table "makes vacuuming a breeze."

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