Robot Bookshelf

By: on February 17, 2013
  • Robot Bookshelf
  • Robot Bookshelf
  • Robot Bookshelf
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Kids, geeks, and lonely female cyborgs, I believe this robot bookshelf may pique your interest. Though not fitted with any mechanical parts, ATLAS still manages to demonstrate respectable robot handiness and wisdom with his 9-shelved body primed to hold your most precious bound volumes of adventure, intrigue, discovery, and step-by-step guides on how to score chicks and infiltrate the secret society of pickup artists. It can also serve as a Robo-bar, proudly displaying sci-fi drinking accessories, such as Vaportini inhalers, human heart wine carafes, and mad scientist absinthe kits.

Machined in engineered wood sheet and finished in silver-metallic paint with either blue or red accents, the robot bookshelf is as much a sculpture as a utilitarian piece of furniture. At least that's what married men can tell their wives whilst getting the beatdown for buying one.

Robots ship with hardware and optional steel anchor straps. They are huge. Almost as tall as I am at 80-1/2", plus 36" wide and 22-1/2" deep.