Boulon Blanc Transformable Table

Posted: October 26, 2016

It's not Fletcher Capstan levels of cool, but the Boulon Blanc transformable table is a lot more practical, way less expensive, and still clever enough in design and execution to get my stamp of approval (i.e., I'd be very happy to accept a free sample.) If you don't have 2-1/2 minutes to watch the promo video, click here to check out a quick GIF of the Boulon Blanc in action.

The Boulon Blanc pitch: "From a coffee table to a diner table in 1 second." Well. I think it takes more like 3 seconds, but yes. The speed is impressive. Even better, though, is watching the transformation happen. The boomerang legs all moving in perfect sync to create a brief, but mesmerizing, geometric spectacle that sucks me in like my desktop screensaver. Oooh, it got taller! Oooh, it got shorter! Oooh....

The French-made Boulon Blanc's design and functionality are based on a helicoid, or spiraling movement. To lower the table, pull its release handle and twist. To raise it back to dining height, pull upward on the tabletop.

The Boulon Blanc aesthetic consists of solid oak legs, large "signature" bolt mechanisms--the Boulons--that serve as the table's rotation axis, and a poplar wood top that will be available in white or black. At dining height the Boulon Blanc stands 29.1" tall and as a coffee table 15.7". Tabletop diameter is 34.7".

The Boulon Blanc seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter through November 26, 2016. Backers have the option of pledging for the table alone, or the table along with a set of 2 matching stools.

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