Fletcher Capstan - World's Coolest Expandable Table

Posted: February 04, 2013
Check It Out

World's. Coolest. Not an understatement. Take 10 seconds to watch the Fletcher Capstan expandable table video, and the rest of the day off work to recover from your blown mind. Or maybe you'll disagree that the mesmerizing spinning kaleidoscope of wood is a masterpiece of both carpentry and geometry. But if you do, you'll be wrong. Incorrect. A slime bucket sitting duck. Because this table is just plain swell. It does for eyes and dinner parties what Euler's spinning disk does for ears and children with attention deficit disorder: transfixes the former and makes bearable an evening filled with the latter.

Easily, seamlessly, and within seconds, the round Fletcher Capstan table spins to double its seating capacity, while retaining its flawless circular shape. Expansion leaves stored within the table ascend and self-adjust as the table grows and reverse the process to retract. Operation design can be either manual or electronic.

David Fletcher makes his expandable tables to order according to buyers' personal material and style preferences. Four standard sizes are available (by diameter): 118" to 90"; 98-1/2" to 75"; 90-1/2" to 69"; and 79" to 60".

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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