Desktop Saltwater Aquarium

By: on May 18, 2013
$210 - $395
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"A self-contained, low maintenance REEF that will light up any desk with brightly colored coral." So goes the blurb on PJ Reefs' desktop-sized saltwater aquarium. I have to say, mine eyes are digging the brightly colored coral, all lit up like a Christmas tree or Cornelius' pant leg when he falls asleep and I tie a firecracker to his ankle to wake him up. And those words "self-contained" and "low maintenance" are pretty alluring. But...I don't exactly have the best track record with keeping living things under my guardianship alive. And while I'm stoked that one by-product of this quirky personality trait is never being asked to babysit or interact with children, sometimes I think it would be really nice to have something on my desk to keep me company other than Meghan, my Ex Knifeholder. And as long as I don't have to feed it, water it, clean it, or watch it do piss-poor somersaults and draw pictures of rabbits that look nowhere close to anything resembling rabbits every day, maybe a miniature saltwater aquarium will survive under my tutelage after all.

PJ Reef ecosystems thrive in 6" high x 3" diameter glass cylinders integrated with hovering plastic lamps to balance their growth and make them look pretty for their owners. The aquariums' compact nature circumvents the expensive, complex equipment larger tanks require, as well as eliminates much of the additional costs and maintenance requirements associated with flourishing saltwater ecosystems.

The miniature aquariums seek Kickstarter backing through May 26, 2013, with a few different funding levels available for different types of ecosystem kits.

November 2013 Update: After 2 attempts, the second wrapping up in July 2013, PJ Reefs' desktop saltwater aquarium met its crowdfunding goal. It has not yet shipped to project backers, and does not yet appear to be available for direct purchase. Interested parties should check for progress reports from and direct inquiries to the company's website--follow the link below.

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BioVessel Living Countertop Composter

$199 from Uncommon Goods »

Worms in your food, infesting your kitchen - it's not such a bad thing when contained in the BioVessel. Dump your food scraps into this countertop-sized composter and the worm colony living inside will eat them up, poop...

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Leaf Plug N' Plant Cannabis Grow System

$1,500 from Leaf »

Marijuana is legal where I live (i.e., my bedroom) so why shouldn't I don my farmer's hat and experiment with growing my own? Especially now that sweet cannabis culinary gadgets like the Magical Butter and smart growing...

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Fish Aquarium Sink

$4,500 from Opulent Items »

Moving goldfish out of the living room and into the bathroom for a perfect view of what will surely be their place of final burial, down the toilet, seems like an illogical move. That is, until you see this awesome fish...

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Pet Jellyfish Tank

$365.99 from Jellyfishart.com »

This is one of the coolest products we've come across in a long time. These are real damn jellyfish swimming around in your house. This is a very legitimate site and has a solution for all budgets....

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Mini Marimo Aquarium

$7.80 - $11.80 from Etsy »

Here's a tiny Marimo Aquarium for all of you insane adventurous people out there moving into tiny houses. Think of it as a housewarming gift. Except, uh, you'll need to buy it yourself. Even at the tiny prices Etsy shop...

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JellyTank Jellyfish Aquarium

$150 - $175 from JellyTank »

If you've always wanted a sweet jellyfish aquarium, but had to concede that Beyonce was right when she kept telling you, "I don't think you're ready for this jelly," have a look at JellyTank. The forthcoming aquarium...

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Biopod Smart Microhabitat

$212 - $436 from Biopod »

Terrarium, aquarium, or herb garden. Grow flowers in the winter, or make a rainforest for your frogs. Read no complex manuals and acquire 0 new skills to learn how to do it. The Biopod is smart enough for the both of...

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Lamp Plants

$85 - $145 from Etsy »

Where the Red Fern Glows...you'll find Mariana Folberg's Lamp Plants. The artist behind Mar de Fe designs took inspiration from the rain forest to construct a thriving pot of green-lit leaves. Add one of the lamps to...

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Dino Pet Bioluminescent Night Light

$59.95 from Amazon »

Oh boy, it's like a dinosaur mixed with a firefly mixed with that neat-o photosynthesis word I learned in middle school. Dino Pet, a compilation of living, bioluminescent organisms called dinoflagellates housed in an...

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OGarden Rotating Indoor Plant Wheel

$1,397 from OGarden »

OGarden thinks your plants might like to take a ride on the ferris wheel too. This rotating indoor garden gives those of us without the space or climate conditions we'd need to grow our own food in a VegTrug outdoors...

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Self Sustaining Ecosphere

$47.99 - $399.99 from Amazon »

Sea monkeys anyone? More like tiny shrimps. A bit redundant, but that's what's in there. No diaper changing. No picking up shit with a plastic bag. No feeding. No nothing. These are the best friends money can buy. Buy...

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AvoSeedo - Grow an Avocado Tree

$10.95 from Amazon »

Hit the guacamole jackpot with the AvoSeedo. This plastic tool serves as a base for growing your own avocado tree at home. The best part: true to nature's form, it takes an avocado to make an avocado, so you'll need to...