X-Ray Lightboxes

Posted: September 21, 2012
X-Ray Lightbox -  Corporate Evolution

Real X-rays of human hands, human chest cavities, and demon skulls have been captured with a radiograph and framed to set the foundation for these nifty lightboxes. Each print is signed and numbered by artist Kelly Hoffman, and comes mounted in a 15" x 13" x 3" wood frame with a custom-made metal placard accent. The matching metal power switch with exit plug lead to a 6' cord covered in PVC insulation that plugs in to illuminate a series of scientific wonders and anatomical creepiness.

X-ray lighting comes courtesy of a compact fluorescent bulb good for 10,000 hours of enjoying for yourself, and using to vaguely disturb others. Images such as Corporate Evolution, the skull with devil horns, and The Longbowman, a phalange peace sign, can be displayed on shelves or mantles, as well as wall-mounted using included hardware.

Read more about artist Kelly Hoffman and individual X-ray artwork here.

Check out an equally creepy application of skulls here.

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