Human Skull Chocolates

Posted: March 07, 2012
Dark Chocolate Skull
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Suck it, chocolate bunnies! This Easter all the cool kiddies want chocolate craniums cast from real human skulls! OK, so how many comments of outrage am I going to get when I point out that partaking in a piece of dark chocolate skull is probably a far more authentic, tasty, and antioxident-rich way to simulate ingesting the body of Christ at Easter Mass than munching on carbo-loaded, gluten-laden white crackers?

Human Skull Chocolates are all hand-cast and finished in creator Marina Malvada's private studio, a process that takes about 3 weeks from date of order. Delectable flavors include a creamy mix of Belgian white and milk chocolate, termed Bone Chocolate, decadent Dark Chocolate, and exotic, intense Semisweet Chocolate. All skulls come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Malvada's foray into the anatomical world of chocolate began when she borrowed a human skull to create a plaster cast mold. As she was purchasing her supplies to proceed, she noticed that food grade materials were available, and thought immediately of chocolate skulls. See, the rest of us would have thought of Jell-O skulls. Probably mixed with vodka. And that's what makes her the artiste, and us the adoring, plebeian fans.

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