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Posted: Monday, August 06, 2012

Warhol-Style Darth Vader Prints

Warhol-Style Darth Vader Prints
  • Warhol-Style Darth Vader Prints
  • Darth Vader Print Hanging in Room
  • Warhol-Style Star Wars Clonetrooper Prints
  • Warhol-Style Star Wars Stormtrooper Prints
  • Warhol-Style Boba Fett Prints

How did Andy Warhol miss Darth Vader? A most obvious icon of American popular culture, a bastion not only of the Star Wars series, but the entire paradigm of good vs. evil? Society's reception of the Galactic Republic left it primed with a capital "Do it!" for Warhol's silkscreen multiple treatment. But he didn't bite. Instead, he died in 1987. Before the prequels even came out. Twenty-five years later, in an obvious nod to, though by no means carbon copy of, Warhol's signature style, artist Paul McCue is here to give Vader the Campbell's soup can treatment, and do him some pop art era justice.

The canvas giclee print shows off four, steampunk-ish Darth Vader helmets, one each in bright blue, green, yellow, and red. The listing is for a 16" x 16" print, stretched and ready to hang, though McCue can produce a replica sized to order upon request. He also has Clonetrooper, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett helmet prints in his Star Wars series.

Purchase Details: $60 from Etsy »
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