Walking Dead Minimalist Prints

By: on October 24, 2012
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Minimalist prints work only for the rare group of people so ingrained in our culture and minds that a mere flip of hair, trademark accessory, or unmistakable body part identifies them to us. Think Elvis. Dorothy. Kim Kardashian. Though it's been airing for a only few years, the 21st century's obsession with zombies, and the poignancy of the show's characters, has skyrocketed sci-fi darling The Walking Dead into Kim K ass territory. So naturally, Toronto artist Ryan McArthur has taken the show to minimalist print levels with his five-part series of Walking Dead personalities gracing the buyer's choice of 12" x 16" Epson paper ($15.48) or stretched canvas ($51.64).

From the law-laying hat of Sheriff Rick Grimes to the balls-on accurate crossbow of Daryl Dixon to the downturned 'stache and suspenders of Hershel Greene, McArthur's creations pay homage to the cult hit with class, spirit, and even a strange tinge of festiveness that hasn't seemed to make it onto the show. Additional posters include Dale Horvath and young master Glenn.

The Walking Dead Minimalist paper prints have a semi-matte finish and heavy basis weight of 260 gsm. They ship rolled, but fit perfectly into an IKEA "Ribba" frame. Stretch canvas artwork is printed with HP Latex Inks onto a PureWhite medium specially developed for HP Latex technology to ensure maximal Minimalist richness, vibrancy, and saturation.

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