Ventless Freestanding Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Posted: November 02, 2014
Ventless Freestanding Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Sometimes it's hard to seduce a lady on a grizzly bear skin rug coat alongside a roaring fire when you don't have any means to create a roaring fire. And after that last incident with the sirens and hoses, I doubt my mama is going to let me remove the concrete infill from her wood-burning installation anytime soon. Could e-Flame's ventless, freestanding, put-it-anywhere fireplace salvage my wintertime seduction efforts?

This Savona model freestanding fireplace requires no chimney, gas, or electric lines and burns sustainable bio-ethanol fuel. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, plus can emanate its 6000 BTUs from atop a table. Composition is stainless steel and tempered safety glass for easy, unfortunate-accident-unlikely use. Maintenance requirements: donut hole, less replacing the ethanol in the fireplace's 1.5L burner. Burn time is around 5 hours per fill.

Savona dimensions are 19.6" tall x 19.6" wide x 9.9" deep. The unit weighs 23 pounds.

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