Nobilified - Old World Portraits of You

By: on August 10, 2013
$99.95 - $229.95
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Now you too can enjoy the spoils of fame and have your face dropped onto an old world portrait of a king, queen, emperor, clergyman, knight, solider, or naked lady. Like the series of celebrity solider prints we showed you--inked visages of Bill Murray, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris draped across the bodies of olden days men of honor--Nobilified artists can paint your own face onto an existing neck in their vast collection of classic art, and deliver you and old world portrait of thine own self. Hey, it's not so much of a stretch, right? If you had been alive during the reign of China's Qing Dyansty, you would have been emperor anyway.

Nobilified offers hundreds of portraits for men, women, and children to choose from, either for themselves or as a gift, as all that's needed to make the masterpieces happen is a clear photograph of the face slated for inked immortalization. Note that if you want the portrait to depict you in wayfarers, a fedora, or making a duck face, all you have to do is submit a photo of yourself in wayfarers, a fedora, or trying futilely to be sexy. If the work of art selected includes facial hair the submitted photo does not due to an inability of the subject to sprout man follicles, Nobilified will brush stroke that shit in for you too.

Also, in a move to further WTF? up ancient art, Nobilified is also down to "incorporate any extra feature such as your pet or a velociraptor" into the portrait. Just add the request in your Notes section when you check out.

Portrait size options range from 11.8" x 15.7" to 31.5" x 39.4" and arrive on canvases rolled and wrapped for shipping. (Prior to shipping, Nobilified will send you a photograph of the finished work for approval.)

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