No Sleep Till Hades Pillow

Posted: August 23, 2012
No Sleep Till Hades Pillow

No Sleep Till Hades. On a white, plush, cloud-like pillow whose sole purpose it seems is to dissuade me from lying on it. The very thing seeing it makes me want to do. Is this an act of cruelty or self-preservation? On the part of the pillow, that is? Arrgghh! Too much thinking and figuring out of latent motives! The Girlfriend Pillow would never F with my head in this way. A real girlfriend would, of course, but that's precisely why I stick to pillows. Or why I did stick to pillows until this Hades shit crept in all taunting and come-hither on the one hand, but "No, don't touch me! Get away! Go be productive!" on the other.

Dudes, there may be no sleep till Hades, but insanity it appears, is with me right here, right now.

Pillows measure 19.7" long x 19.7" wide x 3.9" deep. Retailer Greece Is for Lovers also sells a few other bitty bits, such as mugs and tote bags, with the "No Sleep Till Hades" catchphrase.

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