Glass Skull Tiki Torch

Posted: August 03, 2017
Glass Skull Tiki Torch
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No need to wait for Halloween to line your path with Skull Tiki Torches. I think the creepy lanterns of death would make great additions to Labor Day weekend parties too. They certainly capture my feelings about the end of summer anyway. Oh, and also getting married! I wonder if She-Ra: Princess of Power would be up for using these mood-capturing glass skulls as centerpieces at our wedding....

The skeletal tiki torches are made of borosilicate glass that's suitable for setup indoors or out; it has a usable temperature range of -20 to 100 degrees F (so maybe just indoors in Persia and Phoenix. And maybe everywhere else in the world in another 20 years or so.) Lanterns are smallish at 5" tall - each. If you want a bigger, albeit more permanent, skull to light your way, check out these handmade Crystal Head Vodka wall sconces.

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