Dry Erase Board Wall Paint

Posted: October 15, 2014
Dry Erase Board Wall Paint

Smart Wall Paint is the dry erase board version of Chalkboard Wall Paint. Brush it on any smooth surface and one coat later you'll have a functional whiteboard for office, school, or home use.

Smart Wall Paint kits come in 3 different sizes of either white or clear board paint, with everything needed to cover areas of up to 22, 65, or 365 square feet. This includes:

  • Smart Wall Paint Part A and B
  • Roller Tray, Handle, and Sleeve
  • Gloves
  • Sanding Block
  • Microfiber Eraser Cloth
  • Application Guide
  • End User Guide
  • Smart Wall Paint Surface Sticker

Post-application, Smart Wall Paint is dry to the touch in 5 hours and ready for writing and drawing use in 5 days. It can also double as a projector surface. White and Clear paints are eco-friendly, low odor, and VOC free. Smart Wall Paint also has a performance guarantee of 10 years against the typical staining that can stick around on whiteboards.

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