Dry Erase Board Wall Paint

By: on October 15, 2014
$99 - $980
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Smart Wall Paint is the dry erase board version of Chalkboard Wall Paint. Brush it on any smooth surface and one coat later you'll have a functional whiteboard for office, school, or home use.

Smart Wall Paint kits come in 3 different sizes of either white or clear board paint, with everything needed to cover areas of up to 22, 65, or 365 square feet. This includes:

  • Smart Wall Paint Part A and B
  • Roller Tray, Handle, and Sleeve
  • Gloves
  • Sanding Block
  • Microfiber Eraser Cloth
  • Application Guide
  • End User Guide
  • Smart Wall Paint Surface Sticker

Post-application, Smart Wall Paint is dry to the touch in 5 hours and ready for writing and drawing use in 5 days. It can also double as a projector surface. White and Clear paints are eco-friendly, low odor, and VOC free. Smart Wall Paint also has a performance guarantee of 10 years against the typical staining that can stick around on whiteboards.

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The Original Egg-Bot - CNC Art Robot Kit

$199.95 from Amazon »

Get an Egg-Bot in time for Easter and dazzle family and friends with your precision-Sharpied eggs covered in ornate patterns, adorable chick and bunny faces, and the ultimate in egg hunters' prizes: a hard-boiled baby...

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Liquid Latex Black Light Body Paint (NSFW)

$59.98 from Amazon »

This Liquid Latex Body Paint Black Light Kit is pretty self-explanatory. I don't have much to say about it. Except that, in perusing the image gallery above...I think I found Waldo. It wasn't even that hard. I mean, before...

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Nanotech Crystal Protective Car Coating

$58.92 from Amazon »

Nanotech Crystal on, Nanotech Crystal off. Wax never got your 1948 Ford Super DeLuxe Club convertible as bright 'n' shiny as Rising Star's ceramic glass car coating, Mr. Miyagi....

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Dry Erase Whiteboard Wall Paint

$19.98 from Amazon »

From coloring book-style wallpaper to this blood bath, we've seen a lot of ways to spruce up your walls with a personal touch. This bottle of Dry Erase Paint offers yet another outlet for creativity, but this time with...

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Living Ink - Time-lapse Bio-ink

The researchers at Living Ink Technologies weren't spending all of their investors' money trying to figure out how to revolutionize disappearing ink for the 21st century. They were hoping to develop a sustainable algae...

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Paint2iT Pro Anti-Gravity Paint Tray

$15.96 from Amazon »

What, you don't like splatter painting your carpet purple--sorry, eggplant--too when your girlfriend convinces you it's a "gender neutral" color perfect for your living room walls? Or spilling the whole tray of paint...

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Glow In The Dark Graffiti

Sold Out from Amazon »

The nocturnal trouble maker's dream. Powered with UV light, you can now tarnish bridges, overpasses and subway stations without fear of your genius being hidden once the sun goes down. It's very complicated vandalism...

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Giani Countertop Paint Kits

$74.96 - $79.95 from Amazon »

I'm cool with Rolex knockoffs, dogs from the pound, and the drug store's brand of cough syrup if it means I save a wad of cash and still end up with a pretty decent watch / buddy / night's sleep. Why should faux granite...

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Color Muse for DIY Paint Match

$59 from Amazon »

The only thing less fun than painting your living room walls purple--sorry, eggplant--is having your girlfriend decide after all the paint is applied, and dried, and you're moving your couch back in front of the TV, that...

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Cube Portable Color Digitizer

$120.43 from Amazon »

"Look at the stars / Look how they shine for you / And everything you do / Yeah they were all yellow." But what shade of yellow, Coldplay? Lemon yellow? Baby Chick yellow? Yellow Brick Road? Pantone 102 UP? When you like...

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My Paint Saint Touchup Kit

$13.49 from Amazon »

Yes, as you can see, My Paint Saint stores your cans of touchup paint together with their brushes for quick grabbing and instant touching upping. But the even better part of that visual: storing your cans of touchup paint...

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Chalkboard Wall Paint

$9.67 from Amazon »

Now that the kiddos are back in school, wouldn't it be fun one day when they come home to surprise them with wall-to-wall chalkboards in their bedrooms? Chalkboards you have covered in times tables, Spanish verb conjugations...