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Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

8-Bit Gaming Blinds

8-Bit Gaming Blinds - Pac Man & Space Invader
  • 8-Bit Gaming Blinds - Pac Man & Space Invader
  • 8-Bit Gaming Blinds - Mario Mushroom & Pac-Man Ghost
  • 8-Bit Gaming Blinds - Red Mario Mushroom
  • 8-Bit Gaming Blinds - Blue Pac-Man Ghost

The resurgence of 8-bit Atari and Nintendo games in non-Atari and non-Nintendo forms. It's a phenomenon of second-decade-of-21st-century culture. Like zombies. Like bacon. Like, a wise soul pointed out to me the other day, the enterprising unicorn. Retro gaming has hit clothing, coffee tables (NES here, Atari here), wall decals, toilet seats, and now window blinds. On top of it, directblinds' throwback treatments for home decor don't just pay homage to Pac-Man and his Ghosts, Mario's life-granting mushrooms, and a bemusingly unintimidating invader from outer space, they do so in shaped compilations of old-school controllers and handheld devices.

Digitally printed on the buyer's choice of a black, white, red, orange, or yellow background, the gaming blinds are available in customized width and drop sizes, with pricing started at 99 GBP, or about $156. Featured characters, from Pac-Man to a Space Invader, are also available in several colors.

Purchase Details: $156 from directblinds.co.uk »
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