6 Million Digits of Pi Poster

By: on March 14, 2015
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It's Pi Day! Happy 3.14.15. You'll be able to celebrate this momentous occasion only once in your lifetime, so I hope you have something good cooked up for tonight. I myself will be living it up with many different types of balls and discs, a digital tape measure, and the apple, blackberry, cherry, and coconut cream I've put in an order for from my mama. Oh, and also this rad feat of mathematical art, The 6 Million Digits of Pi poster.

Fine. Six million is an exaggeration The poster has only 5,942,157 pi digits in its 18" x 24" area. At 0.7 pt in size, or 10 times smaller than 7 pt., that's about 5,940,000 more than the naked eye can see without a magnifying glass. Which is why Pi visualized creator ExaText Posters includes one with every Six Million sale.

The Six Million Digits of Pi poster consists of black print on a white, high-quality glossy poster stock background. If its digits were all printed in a single line, that line would stretch over half a mile. If the poster's font size were a standard 12 pt, it would stretch 6 million miles. Or at least 3.14 miles.

Enjoy your pi today, dudes.

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OLOID Mathematically Perfect Desk Sculpture

$25 - $73 from Kickstarter »

Paul Schatz discovered the oloid in 1929. Yes, discovered. It's not just some rando geometric shape or ergonomically designed fidget toy. The oloid is a real piece of the mathematics puzzle, and Patrick Schneider's OLOID...

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Mandelmap Poster

$24 - $58 from Mandelmap »

I'm about to tell you about the Mandelmap, which means my brain is about to get really sore. You might look at the poster and think it looks cool. Artsy layout, vintage finish, and lots of "stuff" spanning its surface...

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Fibonacci Clock

$135 from Kickstarter »

Philippe Chretien created his Fibonacci Clock for "nerds with style." And, more importantly, nerds with the smarts to perform complex mathematical equations in their head whenever they want to use the Fibonacci Clock...

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Golden Ratio Coloring Book

$20 from Amazon »

1.618. It's mathematical elegance. Nature's magic number for patterns, precision, and beauty. The Golden Ratio. And now, thanks to Venezuelan architect and illustrator Rafael Araujo, it's a coloring book....

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Introductory Calculus for Infants

$11.66 from Amazon »

One reviewer notes that Introductory Calculus for Infants reads exactly as advertised, except that it won't teach your baby--or you--how to do calculus. She goes on to opine that all who actually expect a children's book...

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This is Not a Maths Book: A Smart Art Activity Book

$8.33 from Amazon »

Before you say This Is Not a Maths Book must not be a grammar book either because it's "math book" not "maths book" I'll point out that the publication is British, and in England they do say you study "maths" with a "maths...

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Prime Time Watch

$39.95 from Amazon »

Algebra geeks and numbers freaks rejoice: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild has divided the clock face and devised a watch just for you. The Prime Time Watch depicts time solely through prime numbers. Where the digits...

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Venn Diagram Serving Platter

They say you can use a Venn diagram to solve logic and reasoning puzzles, such as: Half of all Clinks are Clunks, half of all Rattles are Bangs, and half of all Rattles are Clunks. Considering the limited information...

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Rotating Pie Chart Coffee Table

$1,600 from Polit »

A table that looks like a pie chart isn't as good as a table that looks like a pie, but at least with Goncalo Campos' 4 Times coffee table I can hide my mama's O magazines and rosehip & baby's butt pot pourri when my...

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Cheat Feet Socks


Woodpecker Laboratories is kind of like a cool, former-hippie uncle that gives great advice and provides invaluable tools for maneuvering oneself through life. First they came out with this friendly reminder decal that...

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Abacus Chair


"Dare to adorn your suit with flowers and then laugh all summer!" I'm not sure what that piece of advice has to do with an abacus chair...or that listening to it won't get you beat up immediately...but it stands as Ieva...