Digital Tape Measure

Posted: March 12, 2015
Digital Tape Measure
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One thing I am not so great at is measuring things to within 1/16". How tedious it is counting all those little hash marks. I think we should just round to the nearest foot. That's what I did in the online dating profile I made last night. Yes, my first! I'm searching for women 18 to 45 located within 500 miles of me. Dudes, wish me luck. Ladies, check me out under screen name Zach Galswithfineasses.

Anyway, I guess if stuff like furniture and walls in my house are going to require more precise measurements than what I feel like calculating by eyeball with my tape measure the best thing to do is get a tape measure that does all that for me. The eTape16 is a digital tape measure with a great big display that shows the exact length of tape that's extended at any given time. In addition, the tool's tech also includes US or metric unit readouts, centerline calculation and re-zero functions, and optional Bluetooth transmission to a device so you don't even have to write anything down. The digital tape measure also has 3 different memory functions: a short-term measurement hold and 2 long term memories.

The eTape15 is made of rugged poly carbonate plastic.

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