WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner

Posted: November 20, 2017
WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner
$9.99 - $16.50
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WHOOSH! sounds more like a name for the kind of screen cleaner that ejects a sudden gust of air to rid devices of dust and debris. Like the Air Blaster. But here I guess the WHOOSH! signifies the totality and sweeping versatility of what the spray's creators say is an "award-winning" screen cleaner. In addition to eliminating dust, dirt, makeup, smudges and skin oils, WHOOSH! Screen Shine leaves behind a proprietary blend of polymers that form a nano-thin, invisible coating to protect your cleaned screens from future infiltration.

You can apply WHOOSH! to all of your smartphones, tablets, desktop monitors, and other tech device screens. You can also use it on HDTVs and eyeglasses. A non-toxic, odorless formula that's alcohol- and ammonia-free makes the spray safe and inoffensive.

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