Rocket Air Blaster

Posted: September 06, 2017
Rocket Air Blaster

At first I was excited about the Rocket Air Blaster because I thought it was an updated version of the Stomp Rocket. Or maybe a handheld Stomp Rocket that shot its red lipstick right into my friend Cornelius' earhole with a hearty squeeze. But. Giotto's Rocket Air Blaster is really just a neat-looking cleaning tool for those of you with fancy cameras and sensitive electronics.

Ho hum.

Unless you're in dire need of a better cleaning tool for your camera, lenses, filters, PCBs, and iFixit projects, in which case the Rocket Air Blaster comes very highly recommended as an alternative to blowing on them. In addition to delivering a strong gust of air, the rubber tool has a one-way valve built in to prevent it from breathing dust in after the release, and then shooting it back out on the next component you're trying to clean off.

The Rocket Air Blaster shown here is Giotto's Large model, standing 7.5" long and measuring 2.4" in diameter.

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