Han Solo in Carbonite Soap

By: on May 25, 2012
Han Solo in Carbonite Soap
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At this point it seems carbonite is the least of Han Solo's worries. Since Return of the Jedi, he's been frozen in a block of ice, suspended in chocolate, sucked into the iPhone craze, and now! Now lured into the grips of organic oils and enmeshed in a bar of soap so he can scrub my a...nkles.

Hand-poured and flecked with glistening metallic pigments, Han Solo in Carbonite Soap enters the scene as the latest attempt to immortalize circa 1983 Harrison Ford (and perhaps with good reason--circa 2012 Harrison Ford is getting up there.) Surprisingly, given Solo's disposition and close proximity to Chewbacca, the soap is both gentle on the skin and fragrance-free. It also contains no parabens, formaldehyde, sodium sulfates, detergents, alcohol, or animal by-products. Honorable, yet stubborn cleanser ingredients include coconut and palm oils, glycerin, and moisturizing sorbitol.