Vapshot Vaporized Alcohol System

By: on June 11, 2017
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The Vapshot Mini Home System is a countertop liquor vaporizer. It looks kinda like an air pump at the gas station. It acts kinda like one too. Except instead of pumping on a hose to inflate your Goodyears, you'll suck on a Vapshot vessel to inflate your good time.

Vapshot can extract the "active ingredients" from mixed drinks, cocktails, or shots. Inject your premixed drink into a specially designed, pressurized Vapshot container, and screw on the lid. When you're ready to inhale, twist off the cap and enjoy the show: the liquid vaporizes right in front of you, and you can slurp it up through a straw. The whole process takes seconds.

So does the onset of your buzz.

According to Vapshot, their machine will "allow you to experience the fun parts of drinking alcohol while minimizing the bad parts." Per vape you'll be inhaling only around 1/60th of a 1-ounce shot, but sent directly to your blood stream through your lungs you'll feel it real fast. Each Vapshot buzz lasts around 20 minutes, at which point your BAC comes back down. You can then hit up the Vapshot for round 2 to achieve the same "initial buzz" feeling again.

The benefits of the Vapshot method include:

  • Maintaining the best part of the buzz feeling without getting trashed.
  • Reduced chances of waking up with a hangover.
  • Consumption of way, way fewer calories. Since Vapshots contain 1/60th of a shot, they also contain 1/60th of a shot's calories.
  • Increased flavor. Vapshot says their vaporization process brings out the aromatics of the spirits you use, creating a fuller, more memorable tasting experience.

The Vapshot Mini Home System has a 3-ounce internal reservoir that will output up to 180 Vapshots per fill. The package also comes with 4 serving bottles and caps.

Going Vapshot with your booze consumption is definitely an investment, but if you throw a ton of parties, have a ton of hangovers, or need to cut out a ton of booze calories, the investment may pay off pretty quick. You can also check out the Vaportini liquor inhaler, a less expensive, less fancy, manual version of the Vapshot booze vaporization concept.

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