Shock & Awe Zombie Killer Knife

Posted: April 23, 2013
Shock & Awe Zombie Killer Knife
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If you missed out on the Chain Link Zombie Slayer Axe, console...and arm...and shock & awe yourself with this sick little zombie killing knife. Combining the functionality of a kitchen cleaver and the intimidating aesthetics of an Inuit ulu knife, the tool does more than just look pretty on your shelf and in your fantasies of shedding the blood of the undead. It is also suitable for heavy-duty tasks, such as skinning, gutting, and shedding the blood of tonight's dinner. Mmm, freshly caught golden doodle. Or turkey. My dad went for a walk yesterday in a suburban midwestern town and saw a turkey on the loose. If he'd had the Shock & Awe Zombie Killer Knife he could have contributed a portion of the effort that went into last night's meal for the first time in his entire life.

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