Murphy Bed for Dogs

Posted: August 08, 2013
Murphy Bed for Dogs

The 21st century: where dog food is for humans, and human beds are for dogs. Oh, and you can also wear the Internet on your face. Murphy’s Paw Design and Clark | Richardson Architects have developed two Barkitecture-award-winning models of murphy beds for snoozers of the canine persuasion. More impressively, each piece also incorporates a functional shelving system, and not only won't mar, but could actually add to the aesthetics of pet owners' home decor.

Luna and Leo Murphy Beds are made to order (please contact Murphy’s Paw Design for pricing) as 7-3/4″ deep x 4′8″ long x 2’11″ high frames with 29" x 39" cushions suitable for one large or a gaggle of smaller dogs. I think kids a year and under could sleep on them too, and imagine how much nicer your house would look if it weren't littered with a big, space-consuming baby cage, but if you go that route be extra careful not to step on the slumbering child when you get up to take a leak in the middle of the night.

The Luna's exterior is painted wood, while the Leo's is stained mahogany. Both beds store tidily during the day, and then fold down at night, as well as include a set of shelves with their own fold-down cover along the lefthand sides.

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