Life-Size Stormtrooper Action Figure

Posted: September 18, 2013
Life-Size Stormtrooper Action Figure

My life-size Iron Man statue needs a buddy. Or a nemesis so I can choreograph elaborate sparring bouts for the two of them in my head. Or how about Tony Stark can be my super-ego and this 6' tall stormtrooper my id, and together they will mold me into a poster child for morality and good citizenship? Or...what, Mama? No, their novelty will not wear off in a couple of weeks. No, Mama, they are coveted Marvel and Star Wars collector's items! They will never just consume space and gather dust in your basement. ... And please stop calling my bedroom your basement.

Gentle Giant Studios has created this life-size stormtrooper from high-res digital scans taken of the original 3-3/4" action figure released by Kenner decades ago. It comes equipped with a to-scale plastic blaster, and has complete limb articulation. Pre-orders are being taken now for October 2014 delivery.

Muchas danke to Luxury Launches.

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