Life-Size Iron Man Statue

Posted: August 16, 2013
Life-Size Iron Man Statue
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Outstanding. Not just that it's a life-size Mark 42 statue from Iron Man 3, but that whomever forged it deemed "life-size" to mean "Robert Downey Jr.-size", which is actually more like garden gnome-size. Good thing Iron Man followed Downey's lead in the lift department and got itself mounted on a fat slab of rock. That way it stands a slightly more manly smidge under 6 feet tall.

Mark 42 the statue incarnate is permanently posed to blast enemies with his laser gauntlet, and even lights up in the eyes, chest, and death ray-wielding hand for added effect, intimidation, and, again, to compensate for the sad fact that he's only, like, 5'4".

Marvel collectors and kids with rich parents, if you're hankering to own the Iron Man Mark 42, I say go for it. Statues have been individually finished and appear to be highly realistic in detail. I bet they make good drinking buddies too. My life-size talking Ted sure does.

Muchas danke to Sloki for the Dude Product Tip.

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