Hot Head Candles

Posted: October 19, 2019
Hot Head Candles

No one can say any of these famous (and infamous) politicians and world leaders (plus Albert Einstein) isn't a hot head when they have a Hot Head Candle wick sticking out of their head.

Will Markusen creates his whimsical - and spot-on realistic - wax burners from silicon molds he prints on a 3D printer. What started with a glorious orange Trump head gag gift to friends and family, eventually became and entire online shop of Hot Head Candles, including the Obama and Putin beauties you see above, as well as burn-bright likenesses of Kim Jong Un, Hillary Clinton, Joseph Stalin, Ronald Regan, and Abe Lincoln.

Markusen intends his Hot Head Candles as lighthearted ambience, "to serve as a reminder that no matter how much we may despise a sitting president, senator, governor, or other world leader, their political role is only temporary - just like the flame of a burning candle."

Nonetheless, you probably shouldn't give one to someone prone to panties-bunching, such as my Aunt Jan. And you definitely shouldn't give one to that type of person with one of these stickers attached to it.

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