For Rectal Use Only Stickers

Posted: October 09, 2019
For Rectal Use Only Stickers
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Celebrate Hump Day with a fat roll of "For Rectal Use Only" Stickers! At first I wasn't sure if this 500-strong cylinder of instructional labels was a legit medical supply, or intended for the pranks I'll certainly be using them for. The jean shorts artwork on the stickers had me leaning towards the latter, but after reading the product description, nope. "For Rectal Use Only" printed across permanent 1.5" x .375" adhesives is apparently a sought after item in actual clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals.

The description also notes the stickers are for "administrative use," which makes me wonder how my wife would react if I put one on my penis.

Not favorably, I'm sure.

OK then, how about along the rim next to a Tirecockz valve stem cap?

Or a "For Rectal Use Only" sticker wrapped around a large stick I present to my uppity Aunt Jan with a "Thought you could use a replacement" note?

So many possibilities!

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