Do Your Park Magnets

Posted: May 27, 2016
Do Your Park Magnets

We've seen the mostly innocuous You Suck at Parking business cards. And also the more permanent, and thereby more controversial, I Park Like an Idiot bumper stickers. Here we have a midpoint between the two: a-hole parking job magnets.

These friendly identifiers stick to vehicle bodies for all to see, and might give the targeted driver a momentary adhesiveness freak-out, but they remove just as easily as they apply, and damage nothing but the jerk-on-a-stick's ego. You hope.

Plus, the The Do Your Park magnets aren't just your personal parking police tool, they're a pay-it-forward gift for your recipients to reuse themselves down the line. A way to breed a whole Concerned Citizens Parking Police community.

The Do Your Park set comes with 10 assorted 3.5" x 5.5" magnets. All have original illustrations and clever insults, such as "Coloring books must have been hard for you," and "If I hadn't just gone I'd poop on your car."

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