I Park Like an Idiot Stickers

Posted: January 22, 2013
I Park Like an Idiot Stickers
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I Park Like an Idiot stickers have two outstanding selling points. 1) Applying one to the bumper or window of a deserving vehicle will give its user an instant boost, likely eliminating the crankiness and ill-will evoked by the idiot's double-space-consuming or driver's-side-door-hugging parking job in the first place. Is that childish? Vindictive? Probably. But exacting--and taking pleasure in--revenge are qualities inherent to human nature, and at least with this tactic no one gets hurt. Including, apparently, the offending motorized quadruped. Which brings us to 2) I Park Like an Idiot stickers aren't that sticky. At least that's what seller threadless says: "They're not super sticky, so stick away." In other words, the friendly reminders remove easily and won't leave behind gummy white remnants and an hour's worth of QT with a razor blade. This ensures they will not exacerbate something else inherent to human nature: the tendency to exact and take pleasure in revenge...and then feel guilty about it later. It also reduces the likelihood of bodily injury to the person who gets caught smacking one on the back windshield of a Hummer.

I Park Like an Idiot stickers come in sets of 20 ($10), 40 ($15), and 100 ($30), the latter for residents of cities with high concentrations of sports cars and drivers over 65.

Not ready to commit to adhesive retribution? Try sliding a You Suck at Parking business card under the front wiper instead.

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