Posted: March 21, 2013

Whoa, I guess that guy from Slipknot died. And resourceful Brian Kubasco was able to convert his head and decorative cranial rods into an historical instrument used to measure and compare the external dimensions of human skulls. Back in the day--as in the times we like to canonize as purer and simpler, even though in a lot of ways they were way more perverse than they are now--craniometers also aided in phrenology, the study of noggin shape. Results pegged people's character, personality traits, and tendencies toward criminality. Kind of like an OG version of the Minority Report.

Like lobotomies for psychiatric disorders and lemon juice-soaked sponges for birth control, craniometers were ultimately deemed to have cruel and somewhat useless applications, so Kubasco's is just for show. Pure artwork intended for collectors of antique medical equipment, steampunkers, and Craig Jones' family. This reproduction craniometer is all metal with a walnut base and measures 26" tall x 17" wide with its pins in place. A removable area in the back allows for the insertion and removal of the owner's choice of skull. Preferably one obtained legally.

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