Slipknot Masks

Posted: October 05, 2012
Slipknot Masks
  • Slipknot Masks
  • Clown Slipknot Mask
  • Joey Slipknot Mask
  • Sid Slipknot Mask
  • Slipknot Masks
  • Chris Slipknot Mask
$25 - $65
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This Halloween, dress like you grew up in Iowa. The many men of Slipknot have many faces, most of them incredibly disturbing and fitting for a night of scaring the ever-loving sweet Jesus out of kiddos and seniors and maybe everyone you pass who doesn't have a severe vision impairment. James, Paul, Joey, Mick, master sampler 133, the latex freak show versions of them all are up for grabs on Amazon.

As much as I hate F'd up looking clowns, I think I would be most terrified of this sadistic-looking Pinocchio bondage morsel. The Chris.

Slipknot masks should be stored away from the sun. Because spawns of the devil abhor light.

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