Trongs - Finger Food Utensils

By: on January 06, 2013
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Obviously I like eating with my hands. It goes with the territory of being a man. Buuut...I really hate when BBQ and Buffalo wing sauce get under my fingernails and into the cuts I have from doing manly things with my hands, such as rewiring the bathroom and chewing on my cuticles. Now I realize that I may be given merciless shit for addressing these problems with Trongs, but to any dude ready to call me a dainty lady for using them, I say have fun dealing with the sticky brown mess left all over the only part of your body women are willing to touch upon meeting you the next time you eat pork ribs in a social setting and forget your Dude Wipes.

In fact, not only will Trongs save me from repelling the opposite sex, they will probably help lure them in. What with my strange and mysterious finger adornments that, why yes, the two Swedish au pairs would like to try, and OMG they could almost eat these hot wings and corn on the cob sans napkin with Trongs, and where can they get some, and really, I have a dozen pairs at my house, and yes, the three of us should definitely all go back there to check them out.


If not, consider these Trong qualities that may actually make you manlier for using them:

  1. Trongs look like viper teeth.
  2. Trongs allow you to spear and eat foods with your fingers that aren't normally considered finger foods, such as sushi and filet mignon.

Trong creators--men, I might add--also point out that their handy utensil also serves the reverse purpose of keeping food clean when fingers are dirty. For example, mechanics, construction workers, and indoor/outdoor tinkerers wanting to take a quick burger and Cheetos break can grab a set of Trongs and mow down without troubling themselves to find Fight Club soap and a fish aquarium sink to degrease.

The launch of Trongs 2.0 is currently in the works, with pre-orders available in sets of 1 ($4.95), 4 ($18.50), and 6 ($24.95). Designed for repeated use, Trongs are made of food-safe polypropylene, and are diswasher safe up to 175F.

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