ILUMI Hydration Tracking Smartbottle

Posted: August 03, 2013

The ILUMI Smartbottle, a container that tracks and analyzes water intake, is like your mom: it follows you around telling you what to do, keeping track of whether or not you do it, and offering unsolicited commentary about your progress as you go. All because it loves you and wants to see you succeed in staying hydrated.

In conjunction with its free app and a Bluetooth connection, the ILUMI Bottle allows users to enter their weight for a daily water intake recommendation, and then tracks how much they drink over time, outputting updates on bodies' estimated hydration levels, and reflecting how close users are to their daily drinking goal. The app allows for long-term tracking of hydration and weight loss, as well as the setting of reminders to drink (more) water, and notifications of when users have reached a goal, or are dropping too far below one.

Obviously the ILUMI can be re-purposed for use with more fun liquids too, such as Grape Fanta or Jack Daniels. Beep beep! Alert! What's this? Oh, ILUMI recommends increasing my current shot intake immediately if I hope to reach my 64-ounce goal before the end of the day. Sorry boss, but the bottle knows best.

ILUMI Smartbottles have only one button to learn how to operate: it says "On/Off", and establishes Bluetooth connectivity when activated. Bottles are otherwise built similar to standard 24-ounce water bottles, albeit with an ergonomic design and width narrow enough to fit in car cup holders. They perform their hydration detection tricks with a built-in flow sensor housed in the lip of each bottle. When a user takes a drink, ILUMI registers how much water was output, and beams the information to update both the app tracking system and an LED ring on the bottle surface depicting the user's proximity to daily goals (red turns yellow and then green for reaching your desired number of oz's).

ILUMI runs as a Kickstarter campaign through August 7, 2013, with pledge options for bottles made of BPA-free plastic or stainless steel.

November 2013 Update: While the Ilumi Bottle achieved its Kickstarter funding goal, it appears there is some controversy surrounding the product's legitimacy and whether or not they will produced/distributed, even to backers whose money has gone (and is gone) to support them. You can check out more details on the project's Comments Page.

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