Embrava Best Ever Water Bottle

By: on October 28, 2017
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Embrava's water bottle is hands down (and bottoms up) the best water bottle I've ever owned. I'll grant, whether you agree with me or not depends on what you're looking for in a water bottle, but if we have similar requirements for our pursuit of hydration, I feel confident you're gonna love using this ram-stamped vessel to take your gulps.

And I do mean gulps. Embrava Benefit the First: a fast-flow drinking valve. Not a dribbling nipple that squeals with air when you drink. Not a snap-on can-style lid that drips water down your chin. And definitely not the unchecked, wide-open fill mouth that screams, "Hope your shirt and pants are thirsty too!" Embrava's is a perfect hollow post that funnels water directly into your mouth however fast, or slow, you want to suck it.

Which leads me to Embrava Benefit the Second: When you are done engaging with the valve, an attached protective cap snaps over to shield it from dust, dropping, sneezes, and your own grimy fingers. A press of the release button flips it back open just as easily. You don't need 2 hands to pop, twist, or pull, and you don't need 2 hands so one can hang onto a loose cap while you drink.

Embrava Benefit the Third: This water bottle feels good to hold. It's not too fat, not too slippery, and, unlike a Kleen Kanteen I also have, doesn't give me the willies when I run my fingers along it. WTF is up with that Kleen Kanteen I do not know, but it feels like touching dried, chalky clay with dried, chalky hands. Nnnnnyyyuck!

Embrava Benefits the Others: A dent- and shatterproof design; a spill-proof lid, and a handy carry strap.

Downsides to this water bottle include size - I believe their largest is just 32 ounces - and insulation. The plastic Embrava issues have none. So if you need to keep your water ice cold for hours, you're probably better off with a stainless steel Embrava or a Pelican water bottle.

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