Pelican Traveler Insulated Bottles

Posted: April 12, 2017
Pelican Traveler Insulated Bottles
$29.99 - $59.98
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They're Pelican, so you know they're gonna keep your hot brews Brazilian-beach hot, and your cold drinks left-at-the-altar cold. The only question is: where were Pelican Bottles before now? The authority on rock solid coolers and protective cases just recently released this line of insulated drinkware, thermos-style bottles with wide carry handles for pack attachment, or looping through man hands.

Pelican Bottles come in simple black or white, and 18-, 32-, and 64-ounce sizes. They're made of 18/8 pro grade stainless steel and powder coated in a sweat-proof cover so they won't slip or drip on you. The carry handles extend from spill-proof lids. Like all Pelican products, Pelican Bottles are guaranteed for life.

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