1-oz Leather Keychain Flasks

Posted: November 17, 2018
1-oz Leather Keychain Flasks
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I'm not sure what it says for a cat to be carrying a flask around on the same piece of EDC they use to hold their keys, but I'm still digging the design of these 1-ounce leather-wrapped keychain flasks. Just remember, Don't drink and drive applies even when your shot of whiskey is dangling right there alongside your car keys, and traffic is so bad you've watched the light in front of you turn green and then red again 3 times now without moving.

Jordan Derhouson says his little leather keychain flasks are "the perfect gift for literally anyone in your life, even babies..."

"...(kidding!)." I'd argue you could fill them with an emergency shot of milk - the approximate quantity each of the 1-ouncers holds - but the downsized flasks are so much better suited for the nip of booze that's going to get you through the first hour of exchanging pleasantries with the extended family at Thanksgiving this year.

The 1-ounce leather keychain flasks are also an obvious choice if you're looking for a boozy gift for a man, or a reasonably priced Secret Santa gift.

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