Milk & Cookie Shot Maker

Posted: January 26, 2017
Milk & Cookie Shot Maker
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Milk & cookies. & liquid chocolate. & shots. Maybe I'll make it through this year after all. Wait, what? I have to make it all myself? With molds and melters and ingredients from the store? Come on! I thought I could just order some all pre-baked, pre-lined, and pre-filled with 2% off the internet.

Sadly, if you want milk & cookie shots you'll first have to contend with the Milk & Cookie Shot Maker, a silicone cookie "glass" mold for 6 and a 2-piece melting station for creating a chocolate liner to seal off each cookie cup's interior from instant milk (or hot cocoa, or whiskey) infiltration.

The set also includes the recipe to make "optimally formed chocolate chip cookies" using the deep molds and atypical dough shape and distribution. Once cookie cups have cooled, using melted chocolate to coat and solidify around the inner base and sidewalls will help keep liquid pours from leaking out and disintegrating your hard work. At least for a minute or two. Like shots of liquor, shots of milk & cookies should be taken down fast and furious. No sipping, no wincing, and no nibbling, lightweights!

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