Bacon Chocolate Covered Oreos & Twinkies

Posted: October 27, 2014
Bacon Chocolate Covered Oreos & Twinkies

Oreos and Twinkies topped with bacon and then dipped in chocolate. This is what I would call the Trick-or-Treating Mother Lode. At least before wackjobs started putting needles and poison into their homemade treats for the kiddos, forcing parents to relegate to the trash any item not professionally wrapped and sealed by the Mars Corporation.

But maybe the Bacon Chocolate Covered Oreos and Twinkies are better suited for other occasions anyway. Such as a hostess gift. A stocking stuffer. A Monday night of watching The Bourne Identity for the hundredth time on basic cable, and then falling asleep until an infomercial for the NutriBullet comes blasting on a 2 a.m. and getting all pissy about it until you realize you still have a bite of delectable porky Oreo that must have broken off onto the floor left to enjoy.

This gift pack includes a trio of Double Stuf Oreo cookies topped with bacon, and then dipped together in dark chocolate. They even get some pink pig sprinkles to complete the look and insinuation of what anyone who eats them is. Get the Twinkie log version here.

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