Tactical Beer Mug

Posted: February 27, 2012
$224.99 - $249.99
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According to the cats in the OPMOD Battle Mug video, you can do everything with this souped up, military-spec, solid aluminum beer stein that you can do with your AR. Deck it out with a scope, laser sight, holo sight, any piece of tactical gear the mug has a hole for locking, popping, or screwing into. Perhaps the only thing the OPMOD is incapable of is letting you have a drink in peace.

Like any proper tactical beer mug, the OPMOD is fashioned from three, mil-spec 1913 scope rails, and a solid, 13.5-pound block of CNC-machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum. The removable handle is an actual AR-15 carry handle mounted to one of the rails. All for the pleasure of housing 24 ounces of your favorite caffeinated, alcoholic, or gunpowder-laced beverage.

Each mug is erected, custom-engraved with a unique serial number, and sold for an ungodly chunk of the average citizen's hard-earned paycheck, in the U S of Americafuckyeah-A.

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