Tron Cycling Skinsuit

Posted: June 20, 2013
  • Tron Cycling Skinsuit
  • Tron Cycling Skinsuit
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One thing I learned recently is that cyclists call their little outfits "kits". Isn't that precious? So here is a Tron kit for all of the bicycling Tron fans out there, as well as the far larger number of normal, non-bicycling Tron fans who maybe want to be Sam Flynn for Halloween and are willing to spend the extra cash on a lightsuit made of fabric that won't give them heatstroke. Those partial to Rinzler...and perhaps to being a real man...might go for the motorcycle suit instead.

Tron as a cycling skinsuit is made from a polyester blend, which sounds awful given that iceberg is the polyester of lettuce, but...yeah, I know, something's not quite right there, but I'm sure your brain gets what my brain means...manufacturer Podium assures me that this textile concoction delivers like Karl Malone in the categories of breathability, lightness, and sweat-wicking-ness. Sweat wickiness? Like, wicki-wickiness? Ahhh, Podium, I feel a Tron cycling skinsuit jingle coming on!

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