TRON Motorcycle Suit

Posted: February 02, 2012

Better make sure you've got both of Rinzler's identity disks before heading into battle with the wife for permission to drop $1,300 on this form-molded set of leather badassery. UD Replicas made 750 TRON full body motorcycle suits, CE approved, fiery red reflective, Rinzler style. Included are a 100% Grade A cow hide jacket, pants, gloves, and boots. (You're on your own for the helmet).

Jacket Specs: Removable body armor in arms and shoulders, plus full back spine protector; form-molded detailing, including the embedded, trapezius-enhancing identity disk; highly sensitive, po-po blinding reflectors; silicone 3D hexagon print; removable interior quilted vest.

Pants Specs: Removable body armor in legs; zipper attachment for connecting pants and jacket (do it. Ladies love the onesies); vertical pant zippers at leg bottoms for tapered fit.

Gloves Specs: Full silicone 3D hexagon palms; anti-skid Kevlar at palms; stretch spandex inserts; adjustable elastic Velcro wrists.

Boots Specs: Custom injection molded soles; heavy duty spandex calf area for tapered fit without interruption of blood circulation resulting in amputation.

UD also makes a TRON version of the suit with white reflectors.

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