Inventio HD Video Sunglasses

Posted: May 17, 2013
Inventio HD Video Sunglasses
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One thing I've always wanted to do while fending off UV rays is record myself fending off UV rays. Granted, this usually entails lying on my ass in the company of a sand-free beach mat, a 6-pack...fine, a case...of Bud Light Lime, and a Girlfriend Pillow, but occasionally, like when Ludacris or that song about having soul despite not being a soldier comes on, I get up and bust it. And in those cases it might be nice to have a video of what my wicked dance moves look like from my perspective so I can relive them when the day comes that I'm not spry enough to do windmills and Buddha spins anymore.

This is the beauty of SpyTec's Inventio-HD sunglasses. Designed to capture the tricks and treks of skateboarders, bikers, hikers, and people venturing outside to get the mail, the sunglasses film in full HD 720p clarity, and utilize advanced video stabilization technology and a high ISO so no one will puke when they reluctantly agree to watch your "totally sick video, dude, come on, you gotta see it!" later.

The sunglasses include 8 GB of internal memory whose footage may be viewed on PCs, Macs, or a monitor with the included cables.

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